Cumming Kickboxing- Don’t Stop Now!

Think back to the times of your achievements. The best part of these moments is that they can range from any size: rising early enough to eat breakfast before work every day, filling up the car tank early morning, earning all A’s for one term, running a 5K, losing weight — the list could be […]

Cumming Kickboxing – Exercise Will Boost Your Mood!

Depression. Anxiety. Tired. Jealousy. Loathing. Hatred. Stressed. How many times have you been stopped by your emotions? Similar to how scratching a rash makes it worse, wallowing in these emotions harm individuals. We have all been there, letting our emotions get the best of us. Sometimes they get so bad that they suck all the […]

Cumming Kickboxing Instructors – We’re Here to Help!

When you’re in the midst of deciding to pick back up with exercise, remember to also be kind to yourself. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves for errors that we consider responsible for. At some point in life, we have all heard that we’re responsible for our actions. As much as this is true, […]

Fitness Goals Gets the Best of Everybody – Cumming Kickboxing

I Love Kickboxing is looking forward to a new year of being a part of your transformation! For whatever happened last year, let’s make this year the best ever experienced. And for any fitness challenge, we are here for support and coaching! “To become fit” challenges everything about a person. Not only does an individual […]

Experience the Fun of I Love Kickboxing Cumming!

As a kid, staying in shape was mindless because fun came from running around all the time. But as we grew older, life threw fast balls that changed our lives. Regardless of the changes, we eventually arrive to the point where exercising is mandatory to maintain health and to look good. This phase of life […]

Cumming Kickboxing – Exercise Any Day, Any Time!

Guess what? Three things: 1) There are 10 days until Christmas. 2) Which also means 16 days left of the year. 3) Which really indicates that there’s 17 days until the start of a new year! Through all the madness that came with this month, have you been able to put aside some time for […]

Choe’s HapKiDo Karate Academy of Martial Arts in Cumming: HapKiDo Black Friday Buy One Get One Sale – Event Registration

Black Friday Buy-One-Get-One Sale!!! This Friday – Monday purchase any one of our memberships, and we will double the length of it!  For example, if you buy 7 months of awesome Martial Arts Classes, you will get 14 months of classes!!  If you already have a current membership we will add it onto the end […]